Young Economists' Meeting 2016
June 2-3 in Brno


The conference will take place at the Faculty of Economics and Administration (website)
Address: Lipová 41a, Brno, Czech Republic
(How to get there)

Faculty building


The organizers kindly request that participants make their own accommodation arrangements. These are a few of the numerous hotels and B&Bs close to the Faculty:
1. Nika Hotel 1190 CZK (44 EUR) for a room & breakfast.  
2. Penzion Integrity 1100 CZK (41 EUR) for a room.
3. Penzion Zahrada 850 CZK (31 EUR) for a room & breakfast.
4. Penzion Locanda 700 CZK (26 EUR) for a room (Czech website only, see better at
5. National Centre for Health Care Professions (hotel) 790 CZK (30 EUR)


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In case of questions or problems with accommodation, travel booking or travel costs, feel free to ask at